About the Project

In searching for a master’s program, I was delighted to discover the Master of Arts in Central and Eastern European Studies (CEES) at La Salle University.  This program LaSalle Universityconsists of courses in philosophy, history, literature, and politics of that area of the world.  I had always been attracted to the arts of Central and Eastern Europe, and this program offered me the flexibility to focus on the arts while realizing the historical, political, and economical context around them.

While preparing to write a thesis, I realized that producing a play would not only be fun for me to do, but would be more relevant to my career goals and would allow me to educate others in the process.  When I asked Dr. Rudnytzky if I could produce a play for my thesis project, he responded with, “This is a refreshingly original idea.”  I was thrilled and my mind started racing as to which play I should consider.  The next day he sent me a suggestion, A Little Play About Betrayal, For One Actress by Oleksandr Irvanets.  I was intrigued by the play and by the playwright.  Irvanets had been part of a literary movement in Ukraine in the late 1980’s called Bu-Ba-Bu, and had authored the book Rivne/ Rovno, which is popular in Ukraine.



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