This is a list of everyone who helped us with the production of this play, by giving us their time, resources, money, and enthusiasm to bring Oleksandr Irvanets’ play to life in the United States.

In addition to the list below, thank you to everyone else who came to see the play and participated in the talkbacks!

We foster the deepest gratitude for all of their help and support.

  • The 40th Street Artists in Residence (AIR) Space (link)
  • Dr. Mark Andryczyk
  • Lena Barnard
  • Dr. Bernhardt Blumenthal*
  • Evgeny Blyumin
  • Caroline and Bruce Carlson
  • Ebony Carter
  • Oksana Chubok
  • Sean Connolly
  • Alison English
  • Danielle Gowen
  • Christopher Haig
  • Robert Heffner
  • William A. Herbert
  • Linda Lee Hoffmaster
  • Dr. Iryna Ivankovych
  • Leslie H. Johnson
  • The La Salle University Central and Eastern European Studies Program (link)
  • Gregory P. Lloyd
  • Virginia Loomis
  • Catharine Moroney
  • Jeannette Morton
  • Brett Mapp
  • Malika Oyetimein
  • Martina Plag
  • Mykola Riabchuk
  • Mariel Rosati
  • Michael Rowe
  • Art Ryan
  • Dr. Leonid Rudnytzky
  • Anastasia Saverino
  • Barbara Saverino
  • Carol Spacht
  • Fern Spizman
  • The Ukrainian League of Philadelphia (
  • The Ukranian Selfreliance Federal Credit Union of Philadelphia (
  • Michele, Todd, and Lindsay VonDeak
  • John and Rebecca Wade
  • Walter, Lorna, and Percy
  • Yaryna Yakubyak

* Deceased